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DMARC Feature

The Flashissue DMARC setting can help deliverability of your emails if your organization has published a DMARC policy. A DMARC policy is an email authentication measure used by some organizations to stop fraudulent emails. If this policy is in place sometimes emails you send via Flashissue – and  other email service providers – may be […]

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White Paper: Flashissue’s Google Apps for Work

Did you know you can save your business time and money by downloading Google Apps for Work? Google is the internet’s powerhouse for apps all created to make your life and job easier. You can utilize Google Apps for Work to cut down on administrative costs by using Google Drive, boost your marketing strategies with applications […]

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Gmail Get’s A New Email Design Editor

Creating good looking emails from Gmail has always been a challenge. Flashissue has just launched a major update to its email design editor that runs in Gmail. Quick intro: Deeper dive into the editor: Get started here if you are not currently a Flashissue user. Here’s what’s new: A range of new design blocks for […]

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3 Ways Flashissue allows you to send mass email with Gmail

Sending mass email with Gmail can be tough. Flashissue provides a way to ensure you can still send mass email with Gmail and avoid Gmail’s bulk sending limits. Google imposes a maximum sending limit on emails of 500/day for regular @gmail users and 2,000 emails per day for Google apps users (this includes businesses and […]

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Flashissue Launches Gmail Template Gallery

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Flashissue has officially launched its Gmail Template Gallery. This new update comes with themed templates and a bunch of new features. You can preview templates, move columns, change links, insert texts and images, and save your own template design. These new features will help you get even more creative […]

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New Feature (Beta) – Share an email template with your team

We’re testing a new feature that allows you to share one of your email’s as a template with the rest of your team. The feature is not totally baked – it’s fully functional but not very polished. We want to get it in your hands for some feedback, so let us know what you think. […]

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New Feature: Send-As Email Alias & Custom Email Addresses

Today we launched our email alias feature. The *Send As Email* feature allows you to select from multiple email addresses in the “From / Reply-To” field when you send an email. For example, you may build your mailing lists using the Google contacts from your personal Gmail account but you want your emails to appear to […]

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Feature Update: Flashissue for Gmail Gets 4 New Features

We just added some handy new features to  Flashissue for Gmail. These features are available to our free and paying customers, except the ability to remove branding that is a premium feature. Remove the FlashIssue logo from the bottom of emails you send. Make your email private: disable the online view option of the email […]

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Flashissue’s Top 3 Time Saving Features For Gmail

Here’s the top 3 time saving features for Gmail when you’re using Flashissue. #1 Send yourself a test email Once you’ve created an email no doubt you want to see what it looks like before you start broadcasting it to the world so we’ve created an email list for you called “Send Test To Self”. It’s […]

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New Image Editor for Gmail

Today we’re happy to announce our new Flashissue image editor for Gmail. It will be available to all users from January -27th. Integrating your photos and images from your computer or social media site can be difficult and time consuming. With the new image editor for Gmail it’s super simple to grab your content from […]

Flashissue News & Tips

Flashissue Gives Early Preview Of Pricing Plans

As you know, Flashissue prides itself on providing the best email marketing and content tools for Gmail. Until now the product has been free to use and we’re continually being asked when paid pricing plans will be available. Well, the time is here and we’ll rolling out our first pricing plans later in January, 2014. […]

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