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Content Curation

Why Pasting External Web Content into an Email is a Minefield

51% of marketers today struggle with finding the time to create enough high-quality, custom content for marketing. That’s why your most effective peers aren’t afraid to repurpose and reuse existing organizational assets. Your company’s blog articles, web announcements, and support documents can make extraordinarily effective copy for email marketing campaigns. However, simply copy and pasting […]

Content Curation

Paste Blog Content Into Email In Under 60 Seconds

So, you have a full blog post that you want to send out as an email newsletter. Sounds easy, right? Think on. The normal way to do this is to copy/paste the entire article from your blog into the email but if you’ve ever tried this you’ll know it normally results in a formatting nightmare. Cleaning […]

Content Curation

Only 1% of users create web content

In Internet culture, the 1% rule is a rule of thumb pertaining to participation in an internet community, stating that only 1% of the users of a website actively create new content, while the other 99% of the participants only lurk. A variant is the “90–9–1 principle” (sometimes also presented as the 89:10:1 ratio),[1] which states that in a collaborative website such […]

Content Curation

How To Create Content For Email Marketing Without Writing A Word

Not knowing what to write is still the single biggest barrier stopping most people from doing email marketing. Email remains the strongest way for individuals to market and brand themselves. This radio interview with Phil Hill, CEO of Flashissue and a group of entrepreneurs from the Atlanta Tech Village, digs into how you can create content for […]

Content Curation

Curate Your Own Magazine On ipad In Seconds

Checkout this awesome video about curating your own magazine on your ipad with Flipboard. All they need now is a newsletter creator to go along with it so you can share it online. What’s the only thing better than Flipboard? Flipboard 2.0! It’s a major new edition, with treats for everyone from the casual reader […]

Content Curation

How to Curate 6,000 Pieces of Content This Year

Todd Wheatland, VP of Marketing at Kelly OCG, joins the Social Pros Podcast from Content Marketing World in Sydney, Australia this week to discuss producing massive amounts of relevant content, curating your personal brand, and how to get your followers to share your content. Read on for some of the highlights and tweetable moments, or listen to the […]

Content Curation

Automate Your Content: RSS to Twitter and Facebook

As a blogger, anything that can save you time without compromising your integrity is a good idea. You can use your RSS feed to send updates to Twitter and Facebook, combining several actions with publishing. Most bloggers rely on two primary traffic sources: search engine traffic and traffic that is referred from social networking sites such […]

Content Curation

Good Example of Content Curation by The Huffington Post

Here’s a good example of content creation by The Huffington Post that i found when doing some content research for a client. I was searching Google for “Coolest Offices 2012” and this example popped up. Inc.com had published an article about the Coolest Office Spaces (there’s some nice designs by the way). In turn, The Huffington Post curated the article […]

Content Curation

A Small Business Content Curation Tool Review

At Flashissue we are all about saving time and staying efficient in our day to day. I have attached an image including a huge list of tools that should expedite content to your customers, blog or employees. Some of these tools will look familiar, some are new to the game. All have a nice niche and […]

Content Curation

Learn How To Become A Content Curator

Here’s the steps you need to know if you want to become a content curator. How to become a content curator from flashissue

Content Curation

Best curation tool for newsletters, social media and blogs

You can can create curated content for your newsletters, social media or blog using FlashIssue . There’s three ways to curate content: Search for content by keyword (this blog post helps explain more) Manually add the  URL’s under the “Stories” tab Use the Clipper curation tool (watch the video below)   Hopefully, you’ll find this […]

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