Sending mass email with Gmail can be tough. Flashissue provides a way to ensure you can still send mass email with Gmail and avoid Gmail’s bulk sending limits.

Google imposes a maximum sending limit on emails of 500/day for regular @gmail users and 2,000 emails per day for Google apps users (this includes businesses and edu). In addition, there is a limit of 99 emails that can be sent in single mailing, which means if you try and send an email to 150 recipients using the To, CC or BCC fields your account will be flagged and you will not be able to send new messages (you can still access your account and receive incoming email).

#1 Mass email Gmail: Sending to small mailing lists

Once you sign up with Flashissue whenever you create an email with our tool we will automatically review the number of recipients you are trying to reach and route your email delivery accordingly.

If the mailing list you are using contains less than 25 email addresses the delivery will go through your normal Gmail account.

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If you look inside your Gmail Sent folder you will see the emails are all sent as individual emails.

There’s a big plus with regard how your recipients receive your emails when sending through Flashissue versus sending the same email manually through Gmail.

Each email we send is delivered to the recipient as its own individual email i.e. if you are sending to a list of 15 people then when Jane Doe receives her email from you she WILL NOT see the email addresses of the other 14 people.

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The benefits of sending mass email through Gmail in this way are:

  1. You look more professional because your recipients get a more personal feel that the email is being sent only to them
  2. You are not exposing the names and emails of all the people in your list to everyone.
  3. Sending individual emails means we can track opens and clicks so you get more detailed reporting.


#2 Mass email Gmail: Sending to larger mailing lists

Because Google is sensitive to mass email being delivered through Gmail, Flashissue will automatically route larger mailing through our email servers that are designed for bulk email.

For example, if you create a mailing list with 1,200 recipients then Flashissue will route the delivery of these emails away from Gmail and over to the Flashissue servers for delivery thereby avoiding Google’s limitations around mass email delivery.

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Our email technology is based on a platform that delivers millions of emails each day and is designed to optimize delivery rates so your email stands the best chance of getting delivered to the recipient’s Inbox.

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#3 Mass email Gmail: Sending to people inside your organization

If your organization wants to just send mass email Gmail internally then Flashissue provides the optimum solution. Take for example, Ann a marketing marketing manager with a travel accompany that uses Google Apps. She wants to send a daily email newsletter to 5,000 employees containing useful market updates.

Again, sending mass email through Gmail is not going to work because of the bulk sending limits imposed by Google. One great option for her is to create an internal mailing list using Google Groups.

Google Groups permits unlimited sending to internal email addresses and has no mass email Gmail limit. Since Flashissue integrates seamlessly with Google Groups this provides an efficient alternative to sending directly through Google.


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