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Marketing Hacks

How Flashissue Used Intercom to Increase Customer Reviews with Google by 4344%

One of the great hurdles for small businesses today is gaining and maintaining a reputable online presence. No one is immune to this problem but you can overcome it. When we saw our Chrome Store ratings weren’t satisfactory to us, we decided to take a proactive stance to get our customers who love and adore […]

Marketing Hacks

How to Select Memorable Images for Your Content Marketing

How much more memorable are visuals compared to text? One oft-referenced answer is that people remember visuals 6 times better than text—an answer referenced in Buffer’s article on the anatomy of a perfect blog post and an answer that led to a lot of great discussion. After reviewing the original research, it’s clear that pictures are more […]

Marketing Hacks

How to Create a Landing Page for Email Marketing

Being proactive here at Flashissue, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to make email marketing more effective. One promotional tactic that we have a lot of success with is how to use  landing pages for email marketing. Designing landing pages for email marketing can be done by creating a page with a specific […]

Marketing Hacks

25 Wonderful Examples of Animated GIFs in Email Marketing Templates

25 Wonderful Examples of Animated GIFs in Email Marketing Templates They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so an animated one must be worth even more. Nowadays, email marketers are pushing the boundaries of email design, by using animated GIFs to display their products and services in action. Here is a collection […]

Marketing Hacks

Keyword Research: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re new to the world of ecommerce or online marketing in general, you’ve likely heard about search engine optimization (SEO). In a world where the majority of online traffic stems from a string of text typed into a search box, search engine optimization can be a deciding factor in the fate of your business. SEO […]

Gmail & G Suite

How Using Gmail for Business Can Benefit Your Marketing Program

Google may one day rule the world, but if it does, the world may not be such a bad place: think about it—all those free apps they offer that make our lives a bit easier. Take for instance, Gmail. What other email provider offers such a powerful email service that, with a few enhancements, can […]

Gmail & G Suite

How to Cut Business Telephone Costs with Google Voice

Google voice has long been a beloved, semi-secret among tech aficionados, but it’s benefits for small and mid-sized organizations aren’t as well-known. Tech writer Jeff Bertolucci wrote recently that the free Google service can be massively beneficial to organizations, “particularly those with less than 25 employees.” Telecommunications investments can be costly for organizations, especially if […]

Gmail & G Suite

How to Cut Administration Costs with Google Docs Add-Ons

The use of Google apps for small business can be a remarkable tool for driving drastic cost savings throughout small and mid-sized organizations. According to Forrester Research, 93% of organizations making the switch to Google apps see impacts that drive ROI throughout the entire organization. Most significantly, these gains are typically related to end-user productivity. […]

Flashissue News & Tips

White Paper: Flashissue’s Google Apps for Work

Did you know you can save your business time and money by downloading Google Apps for Work? Google is the internet’s powerhouse for apps all created to make your life and job easier. You can utilize Google Apps for Work to cut down on administrative costs by using Google Drive, boost your marketing strategies with applications […]

Gmail & G Suite

How Google Drive Can Benefit Your Business

  Storing documents to allow for easy collaboration has always been a bit tricky for teams working together on a project, but no longer with Google Drive, Google’s cloud based office suite. Drive includes a word processor (Google Docs), spreadsheets (Google Sheets), a presentation program (Google Slides), and a form builder (Google Forms). We’ve compiled […]

Gmail & G Suite

Google Apps for Work: The New Way to Work

  As entrepreneur or business owner you’re constantly looking for an advantage or an edge. Every moment and every penny counts.   In an age where today’s technology is yesterday’s news, it’s vital to always be considering or investigating the next innovative tool that could put you in the winners circle.   There is perhaps […]

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