Storing documents to allow for easy collaboration has always been a bit tricky for teams working together on a project, but no longer with Google Drive, Google’s cloud based office suite. Drive includes a word processor (Google Docs), spreadsheets (Google Sheets), a presentation program (Google Slides), and a form builder (Google Forms). We’ve compiled a list of a few of the reasons we love Google Drive and some tools that can make it even more powerful.




It’s free. Enough said, right? What did you pay for the office suite you have to purchase for every desktop in your office? Google Drive levels the playing field for businesses large and small.


Familiar Interface

Not every thing about Google Drive is the same as office suites you’ve probably worked on for years, but the interface is similar and easy to learn.



Storage Space

With 15 gigs of space to share with your Gmail account, Google Photos, and Google Drive, we think you’ll be in good shape for a while. Just delete emails, photos, and documents you no longer need or back them up on a different storage system.


Collaboration Capabilities

The best thing about Google Drive is that it allows for easy collaboration among team members. You no longer have to worry about saving the document and closing before someone else in your office can work on it; Drive allows for your whole team to work on the document at once.


Forms and Surveys

One of the coolest things about Google Drive is Google Forms. Forms allows you to create questionnaires and surveys to send out to clients or employees. Need to know how your customers feel about their experience with your company? Done.



As great as Google Drive is, these add-ons among others make it just a little bit better.



Workflows offers an easy solution for projects that require approval before they’re finalized. Users with editing access will be able to use this feature and approval and feedback will show up in real time.



HelloSign takes the hassle out of getting client or employee signatures, especially if your clients or employees are located remotely. Signatures on HelloSign are legally binding and are free up to three signatures.


Split Names

Have you ever had a spreadsheet with both first and last names in the same column but needed them split into two? Split Names takes the work out of turning that one column into two or more.


Mapping Sheets

Mapping Sheets, an add-on for Google Sheets, locates a list of addresses on a single Google Map. This add-on is especially helpful for your sales team when they travel to client locations or for political campaigns or non-profits trying to get the word out about their organization.



Google Drive can make a business owner’s life easier and with a few add-ons, it can become a tool to keep every team in the company organized and on track.