Being proactive here at Flashissue, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to make email marketing more effective.

One promotional tactic that we have a lot of success with is how to use  landing pages for email marketing.

Designing landing pages for email marketing can be done by creating a page with a specific marketing or sales goal in mind. You can funnel your audience to the page through an email campaign or social media outreach.

Here’s some examples of why you might want to drive your audience to a landing page:

  • You have an ebook you want to promote
  • You want people to sign up for a seminar you are offering
  • You have some new pricing plans you’d like to test
  • You have a new product you’d like to showcase

Landing pages are quick to put up and they require no coding or technical know how. Just about anybody can create one. We like a service called LeadPages. They have a ton of templates to choose from and after some quick customization with a click of a button you can publish your page and start driving traffic to it.
Lets explain things further with an example. I’ll assume that I have a new ebook I want to offer to my existing customers. Eventually, I’ll add the ebook to my full website but in the meantime I want to give my current customers an exclusive preview. Here’s what I’ll do

  1. Create a landing page for email marketing

You can do this by heading over to LeadPages and choosing your ebook template design. Once you have downloaded your eBook template, you can edit the page to your liking using their page builder. Select the section you want to edit and the builder will populate what portions of the page you can change.


With the builder you can swap images, change text colors and fonts, change background colors and much more.

When you’re done your page could look like this (take a closer look):


Just as a reference. This page took me just 8 minutes to set up and publish with the need for zero coding knowledge. Pretty much anyone can do this.

2. Create an email

Then you want to create traffic to your landing page. So, you design your own personalized email to send to your subscribers to grab their attention.

Here’s an example we created in Flashissue.

Ebook temp

3. Send it to my opt in mailing list

Now you can send your email out to your opt-in mailing list to bolster your conversion rate on your landing page.

Which sounds nice and fancy but what is a conversion rate anyway?

A “conversion” is simply the point at which potential customer takes the leap of faith and starts to build a relationship with your company. So, a conversion rate is the percentage of customers who landed on one of your landing page and decided to take an active part in your business’ online community.

Conversion could take place when potential . . .

  • Joins your email list
  • Registers for a webinar
  • Purchases a product
  • Signs up for a free consultation
  • Follows you on social media
  • Clicks through to your pricing page

It’s when potentials takes the wide stride to become customers which is the main point of your landing page.

Try creating your own free landing page here

We have had great success with our landing page for email marketing we created for our new Team Plans.
If you don’t believe us, why don’t you try designing landing page for email marketing yourself. LeadPages offers a free 30 day trial to get you started.