Google voice has long been a beloved, semi-secret among tech aficionados, but it’s benefits for small and mid-sized organizations aren’t as well-known. Tech writer Jeff Bertolucci wrote recently that the free Google service can be massively beneficial to organizations, “particularly those with less than 25 employees.”

Telecommunications investments can be costly for organizations, especially if their needs for voice calling are minimal or they’re in bootstrapped startup mode. For organizations already using Google Apps for Business to support their email needs, the addition of Google voice services can be intuitive and convenient.

Every Google account already comes with a free phone number and voice system. This provision includes both Gmail users and individuals using Google apps for business. However, there are a multitude of highly-convenient add-ons that can be downloaded to enhance the benefit of Google Voice for your organization if you choose to use your Google account number to receive incoming calls. Here are a few to consider:

GV Phone Dialer

Out-of-the-box, Google Voice includes the ability to receive incoming calls dialed to your dedicated number. Users are also provided with the ability to make free voice or video calls to individuals already listed on their Google contacts list. The ability to perform outbound calling requires a simple add-on, known as GV Phone Dialer.

The workings of this add-on are slightly complex. The app intercepts outbound calls, uses Google Voice to call back the users, and connects the originally-intended outbound call. This provides users with the ability to both receive and place calls from a centralized phone line, and eliminates the need for business owners to purchase mobile, internet-based or traditional telephone systems for outbound calling.

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Google’s built-in functionality for video conferencing is one of the most beloved benefits of this email provider. It’s simple to conference in existing Google contacts, including calls with multiple people and screen-sharing sessions.

Uberconference upgrades Google hangout’s existing capabilities to those of more traditional teleconferencing products. Users can assign a phone number to their hangout sessions, and provide attendees with a link to participate in the call. This extends the hangouts functionality to non-Google users. Additional features include simple document sharing (including integration with Google docs), free call recording, and the ability to participate in teleconferences from a mobile device.


If you want a fully-fledged, advanced phone system that integrates with Google Voice, could be the right option. The system is optimized for today’s highly-mobile, flexible workers. Call and text notifications are simultaneously sent to all of a user’s devices, which can include a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, and tablet. Conversations can “seamlessly” be moved between devices as conference calls are taken from a workstation to a user’s vehicle.

While this particular add-on isn’t free, it is relatively low-cost. Pricing is flat, and based solely on the number of users who are relying on and Google voice for business call management.


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