So, you have a full blog post that you want to send out as an email newsletter. Sounds easy, right? Think on.

The normal way to do this is to copy/paste the entire article from your blog into the email but if you’ve ever tried this you’ll know it normally results in a formatting nightmare. Cleaning up the mess can take an eternity and it never looks like you want.

The problem:

paste blog content email

The solution:

Using a free website called you can turn a task that can take hours into a couple of minutes. Watch the video.

paste blog into email4

Here’s a recap on how to paste blog content into an email:

1. Go to and paste in the URL of your blog article to the box and click submit

paste blog content into email

2. Copy the text content to your clip board

paste blog content into email


3. Paste the text into the Source of your email newsletter

paste blog content email flashissue

4. Do a quick tidy up with any the text and images, like adding a title and you’re done. Because the content that you’ve pasted is formatted correctly it becomes much easier to make changes.


Example taken from Techcrunch

BTW – if you plan to distribute full blog articles via email make sure you have permission to do this. Obviously, if you’re using your own blog content you’re fine but be aware of copyright issues of distributing content owned by others.

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