Being able to create a Google Calendar event from an email is a nifty time saver.

I’m busy on email all the time and almost everyday I find myself receiving an email and wanting to create a Google calendar event from it. When coordinating plans or meetings in Gmail, having to stop to open Google calendar to create an event can be a tedious task that hinders my productivity.

Luckily, Gmail has a buried feature that will allow you to create an event on your Google Calendar straight from your Gmail inbox and it takes seconds.

Here’s how I quickly create a Google Calendar Event from an email:

1.Open the email you wish to turn into a task or event.

2.Click the the “More” on the top of your Gmail preview pane


3. Select “Create Event”.

This feature will allow you to create a Google Calendar Event from an email.



You will be taken to your Google Calendar with the fields already filled out with the details of the email. The event name, description, and members will already be populated. Change the date, time, or other details to better fit your plans.

Save your changes, send out your invites and you’re done. That’s how you can create a Google Calendar Event from an email.

Now you do not have to stop in the middle of your emails to build an event in Google Calendar. Use this feature to boost your productivity. In just one-click you’ll populate an event created from your email without having to leave your Gmail inbox. It’s simple, easy and will save you loads of time.

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