Constantly booking appointments can be time consuming and it takes some coordinating to get your clients booked. You can cut time and allow your clients the ability to set up their own appointments by using Google appointment slots.

Here’s some examples on how to use Google appointment slots:

  • If you are holding meetings for potential clients, you can create a new appointment slot, send the link to your clients, and they can directly book a time themselves.
  • Say you run a Yoga studio you can create an appointment slot on your calendar for clients to reserve private Yoga sessions. Just email the appointment slot link to your clients and let them pick a time.
  • If you are a teacher and you want to make available time slots for you students to book with you for one-on-one tuition, just create your “Tuition Booking” appointment slot and let them reserve a time.  

To learn how to get started sharing an Google appointment slots see below:

* You will need to have a Google Apps account to create Appointment Slots. You can create a Google Apps account for as low as $5/month here.

Setting Up Appointment Slots

1.Go to Google Calendar and click on the date you want to set for the appointment slots.


2.In the event box, click “Appointment slots”


3.Enter the details of the appointment


4.Once you are done hit “Create”

Invite Others to Book Appointments

Now you can begin to send out invites for users to book their appointments inside the newly created appointment slot.

1.Go to  back Google Calendar and click the appointment slot event on the calendar, then click on “Edit Details”


2.Copy the calendar’s appointment page link found at the top of the event

2016-06-30_14-43-45Email this link to people looking to book an appointment.

And you’re done. After receiving the link, clients would need to click on a time slot to book it and once a time is booked, the time is filled in and un-bookable by others.


You can now set up Google appointment slots on your calendar and have them filled out by those you invite with the appointment slot’s link.

This feature will make setting up appointments and scheduling meetings a breeze. Plus it only take a few minutes to set up.

You can learn more about cool Gmail features here.

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