Video marketing is rising to become the top method for digital marketing.  51.9 percent of marketing professionals worldwide name video as content with the best ROI.

Using video works because it immediately grabs the audience’s attention, allowing you to effectively get your message across.

Did you know that emails that contain video have a 60% conversion rate?

You too can start using videos in your email marketing campaigns.

It’s completely free and easy to create a video email using a PC.

PCs come equipped with a camera app that lets you record videos right from your desktop. It’s pretty simple to do.

We even made one of our own:

Here’s how to create a video email using a PC:

Recording A Video

The camera app on your PC will use your built in camera and microphone to record your video.

1.Click on the “Windows Icon on the bottom left of the desktop2016-01-29_16-12-27

2.Type in Camera in the search bar and select the Camera App.

3.To start recording click on the Video Recorder    icon to the right.

Don’t worry my built-in camera is on but I covered the screen because I’m camera shy.


Stop the recording by selecting the stop button to the right of the screen as well.


4.Preview your video by selecting the arrow button on the right. The screen will switch over and automatically play your video.


Pause your video by selecting the Pause button at the bottom of the screen.


When you’re done, your video is automatically saved in your Camera Roll folder under the Pictures tab.

And you’re finished.

You can now use Flashissue to create a video email using a PC.

You’ll first need to upload your recorded video to a hosting site such as YouTube.

After uploading your video to YouTube, use Flashissue to design your video email. Just follow the simple instructions here.


It’s that easy to create a video email using a PC. Get started now and create your own video email.

Learn more on recording video using a PC here.