Being a blogger for Flashissue has me constantly needing to do quick edits to loads of images. Blog site image editors, like that of WordPress, are far from user friendly. Usually it takes me multiple tries to get the image resolution and size good enough to fit into my blog post.

It’s a fun job to do but finding the right editor can be time consuming and frustrating at times.

That’s when I came across the app Teeny Tokyo. It’s an easy to use desktop application that breezes you through editing images and will have you done in no time.

What I find to be so great about Teeny Tokyo is that  It allows me to make the quick image edits I need straight from my desktop. No external website needed. I can access it anytime I need it.

Teeny Tokyo can do the following:

  • Resize images
  • Rotate images
  • Crop images
  • Change image Resolution
  • Change image output format
  • Rename images

You can also save your settings for Teeny Tokyo for even faster edits since everything will already be preset.

I just drag and drop the image and start to make the quick image edits I need. Fast and easy. It’s design is pretty simple to use too.

Check out their video to learn more:

Teeny Tokyo: Overview from John Saddington on Vimeo.


If you’re interested in their product and you want to start making quick image edits from your desktop now, you can download Teeny Tokyo here.