If you value fast effortless results you should start learning how to embed surveys into Gmail.

Why I embed surveys into Gmail:

  • Takes minimal time to create
  • Simple to design and embed
  • Fast answers and results for less work
  • It’s FREE

For a recent project of mine, I wanted to send a survey to a segment of my customers to get some feedback on our product.

I usually send out emails with external links to the survey but I always disliked clicking a separate link to complete a survey.  Plus I was never getting the number of responses I wanted to see.

I decided this time I wanted to embed the survey directly in the email to make it easier for customers to respond and give us better feedback on our product, thus making my job easier by giving me the results and responses I wanted faster.

What’s better than faster results with little effort to put in?

That’s when I learned that I could embed surveys into Gmail.

If you’re interested in how I was able to do this, read on to see how I embedded my customer feedback survey into Gmail using Google Forms.

Designed Survey in Google Forms:

First off, I had to create my survey using Google Forms.

You can get to Google Forms here.

From there, designing my survey was fairly simple.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Titled my form
  2. Selected my question types (multiple choice, sentence ect..)
  3. Typed out my question
  4. Created answer choices

Google Forms’ prompts guided me through most of it since I was new to the site.


I was then ready to embed my customer feedback survey into an email and do a test send.

Embed Survey and Test Send

After creating my my form, I scrolled to the bottom of the page and clicked “send form” at the bottom.


Then I clicked on the bar “Send Form Via Email” which opened up to give me the option to add a customized email message with the form.




That’s when I checked off “Include Form in Email” which allowed me to embed the survey directly into the email the recipient will receive.
Embedding the form into Gmail was literally one click away. No hard work necessary.


I then typed in the email address I wanted to send the test email to and clicked “send”
From there I was asked if I wanted to store the responses on a Google Spreadsheet.
I chose to go ahead and do this since it would be an easy way to access the responses and check the survey’s progress.


In the end I clicked, “Create”

Previewing the Results

I was wondering how my my email and embedded survey came out so I went to the email inbox that I sent the test email.

Turns out, the form came out great.


To check if responses were being recorded I filled out the form myself in the test email.

I clicked “Submit” then headed over to Google Forms to open up the recorded information I just submitted.


Everything recorded and I was able to get all the responses from each questions as well as the time and date the answers were recorded.

Overall the results came out great. From then on that is how I embed surveys into Gmail using the powerhouse called Google Drive.

Why not give it a try? You too can embed surveys into Gmail.

Just follow the steps I have provided above. It’s that simple. You can start by going to Google Forms.