Flashissue has just given Google’s email service a shot-in-the-arm by adding new Team features for Gmail.

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Gmail users can share predesigned email newsletter templates and send bulk messages from a team email plan directly inside Gmail’s inbox.

After an admin sets up a Flashissue account via her Google app login, she can then invite other Gmail users to the Team. When emails are sent to a mailing list by any members of the team, the bulk sending credits are pulled from a central plan.

Not only does this avoid any issues with sending mass email on Gmail’s end but it means that there is no need for Team members to set up their own billing accounts.

The Gmail Team features are great for organizations like businesses, Churches and schools who have a group of users who want a more seamless way of bringing email marketing features directly to Gmail.


  • Admin can invite Team members to share the billing plan
  • Admin can share email templates with Team through the Email Gallery
  • Store Unlimited list sizes
  • Team members do not need a credit card
  • Team members use the central pool of emails to for sending
  • Admin can set max amount of emails Team can send


You’ll find the details of your Team Plan on the Team Invites & Settings page when you’re logged into Flashissue.

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