Every Flashissue mailing list comes with a unique Signup Form for collecting email subscribers.

websign up form

If you go to the List tab and open one of your lists you will see a blue button called Sign Up Form. The page contains the code to embed in a web site or a link to a landing page that will let you start collecting emails addresses from people who want to subscribe to your mailing list.

Step #1: Click the List tab and create a new list or open an existing one

1. web forms gmail

2 web forms gmail

If you create a new list it’s recommended not to any contacts.

3 webform gmail

Step #2: Open your List and click the Sign Up Form button.


web form page


Step #3: Copy paste the Sign up form code to your clip board


5. webforms gmail


Step #4: Paste the form code into your website or blog

For example, if you are using WordPress, paste the code into a Text sidebar widget.