It’s pretty quick to create a segmented Gmail mailing list from you Google Contacts using the Contact Group feature.

For example – Lets suppose I wanted to create a mailing list for people in the 30307 ZIP code.

Once you’ve created your segmented list you have a rapid way to send a bulk email to these people. This can be sent directly through Gmail or if the segmented list is large (greater than 25 people) using Flashissue will ensure you do not get trapped by Google’s bulk sending limits.

There are 2 steps to create a segmented Gmail mailing list.

Step 1: Create a Google Contact Group

  1. Open your Google Contact address book
  2. Use the filter at the top to search for *30307*
  3. Select all the people shown
  4. Create a new Google Group of these people e.g. ZIP 30307
  5. Return to your main Contacts home screen (or refresh your browser tab)


filter google contcats

create filtered group

Step 2: Create a Flashissue Mailing List from the Group

  1. Go to the List tab in Flashissue
  2. Click New List > Click Add People
  3. Click the drop down filter box and select Group *ZIP 30307*
  4. Select All contacts and click Add
  5. You’re done

select group in lists

Now you have your segmented Gmail mailing list you’re ready started sending.

To read more on how to use Flashissue to create automated Gmail mailing lists from Google Contact Groups click here.