Today I was asked by one of our customers how to find the link URL in a Facebook Post.

They wanted the URL so they could add the post to their email newsletter using the Flashissue curation feature.

What seemed a simple request turned out to be much more difficult since Facebook does not make it obvious where to find the URL for post.

  1. Go to your Facebook page e.g.
  2. Click the Date Stamp of the post you want to find the URL for
  3. The post will load as it’s own page and you can copy the URL e.g.


Finding Facebook page URL

facebook page url

Once you have the Facebook page URL you can plug it into Flashissue and drag it into your email.


paste facebook page url

If you are using the Flashissue Chrome extension you can clip the Facebook page URL for a faster way to get it in your email:

clip a facebook link url

drag the clipped facebook post url


What’s more annoying is that there is no way to find an RSS feed for all your posts on a Facebook page. It looks like Facebook once offered this but withdrew it because it was being abused.

For the moment, you need to be satisfied with pulling individual posts as pages..

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