Have you recently asked yourself “where am I going wrong?”.

Failure is a necessary part of business but are you failing unnecessarily?

I want to share with you a blog post I wrote for Marketingprofs.com. It gives a perspective as to why you might be driving a stake through the heart of your business and how to fix it.

Phil Hill – CEO & Founder.

Are You Unsuccessfully Copying Other Marketers’ Successes?

where am i going wrong in business

You’re probably inflicting a slow painful death on your business with well-intentioned marketing initiatives—and not even knowing you’re doing so.

The root cause of the problem is something called “replication-remorse,” and it’s similar to buyer’s remorse. Those shoppers are regretful of their purchases in the cold light of day.

As business people, we suffer our own painful regret when we try and emulate the success of others by copying (“replicating”) what they did.

Most of us try to “replicate,” and most of us fail. Are you one of the addicted to replicating?

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