Most brokers offer real estate agents an email marketing option for sending out communications to their clients and prospects.

This works great for large (and more automated) messaging but it can be lacking when it comes to speed and personalization. Having a quicker way to send out a more personalized email marketing message –  in addition to the broker driven option – can make all the difference to building business (it’s the extra 1% that’s gets the client over the line).

Real estate agents are increasingly taking personal email marketing into their own hands as a way to build relationships and put out a stronger personal brand.

Being some of the most time strapped business professionals out there creates a number of “must-have” for adopting new personal email marketing efforts:

  1. It’s gotta be simple – which means don’t expect me to learn some complicated new product.
  2. Give me the content – don’t expect me to spend hours writing my own.
  3. Must be professional – if I’m going to be sending this to the people I know it better look good.

Here’s how a real estate professional can get up and going with personal email marketing in minutes using Flashissue:

Step #1: Start your personal email marketing

Flashissue works INSIDE your Gmail account which cuts down time on having to learn a new product:

Real estate

 You can take a look at a preview here.

Step #2: Add your content

There’s no need to spend a bunch of time writing tons of new content. Just search for some articles to include in your email update and drag them from the content gallery into your email.

Give your clients and prospects something that is useful to them and there’s a ton of great highly quality content already out there just waiting to be used.

Topics like the following resonate well:

  • Staging your home to sell
  • Best time to sell / buy a home
  • Info on local school districts

Just enter a key word or the address of a website you like and we’ll fetch the content for you. It’s then as easy as dragging it into your email.

Real estate - content

  You can take a look at a preview here.

Step #3: Your address is your “mailing list”

Most of the people you want to communicate with are already stored in your address book. You don’y always want to be messing around with huge mailing lists. Target the people who matter with a custom message and you’ll get better results.

Creating a mailing list from these people in your Google Contacts is as easy as putting a check mark next to a name.

 Real estate personla email - lists

After you send your personal marketing email you can access reports on who opened your email and see what they read. This gives you valuable information to make a follow up phone call.

real estate personal email reports


If you are a Gmail user and you’d like to try using a ready-to-go template, just click the link below. You’ll be prompted to create a free Flashissue and away you go: