It’s quite easy to fall foul of Google’s bulk sending limits, so here are 5 ways to avoid Gmail sending limits.

If you need to send an unusually large amount of mail, such as for a marketing campaign, consider an alternative to regular email, such as:

  1. Chrome Store market place. Download compatible applications. Here are the results for “email newsletters“.
  2. Google Groups for Business. Distribute messages to many email addresses using a single address. For example, administrators can use Groups to contact all users in their organization by adding everyone in the domain to an email list. For any Groups-related issues, please refer to Google Groups limits.
  3. Google App Engine for Mail. (For developers) Increase mail limits by building a customized application.
  4. If you have a local mail server, you can send to the recipients directly and avoid the sending limits. This local server should also be added to your SPF record to stop the messages from being marked as spam.