If you find yourself wanting to send out an automated email to people based on an email they send to you, you can set up an autoresponder in Gmail.

This solution is a bit of a hack but it’s an interesting approach and it lets you do some basic marketing automation inside Gmail.

Watch the video on how to set up an autoresponder in Gmail.

Complements to http://MattWolfe.net for the video.

Here’s the instructions to set up an autoresponder in Gmail :

First, you need to turn on the Canned Responses lab and set one up.

(To create a canned response, start by composing a new message, then in the context menu of the compose window choose Canned responses > New canned response....)

Once you’ve got your canned response, now you need a filter.

Create a filter with the trigger from:john@example.com and choose as the action Send canned response: and choose the canned response you just created. You may want to make the filter more specific and/or choose other things to do with the message. (There are lots of posts here that cover Gmail and filters. Look under the  tag.)

Now, whenever a message matches your criteria, a response with your canned text will be sent immediately back. As I mentioned, however, this will happen with every message that trips your filter.

(source: Stackexchange)