gmail sales template to be awesome

Here’s an email that I just received that would make a great Gmail sales email template for winning business and making yourself look good.

I get a lot of these at Flashissue but I like this ones simplicity and directness. Normally, I delete emails cold calling for business but this one had some interesting attributes:

flashissue gmail template

  1. It’s short and concise.
  2. The benefit is clear and upfront.
  3. The call to action is clear.
  4. There’s references to 3rd party services I know and respect.
  5. The formatting is basic which I like and easy to send as a Gmail template.

Although the email looks like it was sent from a personal Gmail account it would be simple enough to add tracking for opens and click throughs.

You can download this Gmail sales template for free here:

Google doc

Create and Send Engaging Newsletters From Gmail



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