Here’s how to batch delete all of your Google contacts in one go.

Recently, I found myself needing to wipe my Google Contacts address book clean. There was so much clutter in my address book I just wanted to start from scratch.

It can be a pain to delete all your Google Contacts in one swoop. You can click the check all box and delete a page at a time but this is a hideous experience if you have a few thousands contacts and you have to repeat this ten times to get where you want.

Here’s a way to do a batch delete using Google Drive (thanks to tricasse on StackExchange):

1. Open Google Drive and create a new document. Any document will do (I named it Batch Delete Contacts)
2. Go to Tools > Script Editor

batch delete conatcts step2

3. Copy / Paste the following code into the editor (overwrite the text already in the box)

function deleteContacts() { var myContactGroups = ContactsApp.getContactGroups(); for(var i = 0; i < myContactGroups.length; i++) { var myContacts = ContactsApp.getContactsByGroup(myContactGroups[i]); for(var j = 0; j < myContacts.length; j++) { ContactsApp.deleteContact(myContacts[j]); } } }

batch delete contacts step 3

4. Open Run on the menu and click *delete contacts*

(note: you may first be asked by Google to grant permissions to run this script. Say yes, when asked).

delete contacts step 4

Your batch delete all Google contacts will start running. It may take a few minutes to complete once started depending on how contacts you have to batch delete. If you click over to your Google Contacts address book you’ll see then being erased.

delete contacts step5


Remember if you do choose to batch delete all your Google Contacts you can’t undo it, so be sure this is what you want.

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