Here’s a great tool to monitor your personal brand in seconds.

In a recent blog post Crafting Killer PR for Yourself In 5 Steps I talked about a tool called Topsy that lets you monitor Twitter for activity on any keyword or blog post.

Having tried out the service I’m pretty impressed. There’s a ton of services that leverage Twitter data (through their API) so you can see what’s going on online but in many ways Topsy does it better especially when it comes to monitoring your personal brand.

flashissue personal brand topy

Here’s three things that worked me:

  1. Enter a URL of a blog post you really like in your topic area. You’ll be able to see all the Twitter activity around it. I reached out to some people via Twitter who I found would be a good fit for our new product launch at Flashissue.
  2. Enter a key search word – I tried Flashissue. It gave a list going back a year of all the chatter around us. I could see that we had a lot of activity on so I’m now mining this curation site for influential people who might be interested in Flashissue. I found this article from an influential blogger which I missed when it was posted (and all the other services I use to track “Flashissue” missed.
  3. Did analysis on how Twitter was trending on a key word important to what we promote (“personal brand”). There was a big spike on Aug-19th when @GuyKawasaki promoted a great post on Personal Branding called the 7 Point Checklist to Dominate Your Personal Brand Using Google Plus.

flashissue personal brand topsy