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My keys to smart personal branding.

I use this list as a guide to the types of messages I send out  through social media whether that’s email marketing, posting articles on LinkedIN or posting something on Twitter. It also drives a good deal of my content strategy for blogging.

  1. Show your passion and perseverance.
  2. Highlight your domain knowledge and skills.
  3. Demonstrate your intelligence (both IQ and emotional intelligence).
  4. Talk about your leadership style.
  5. Show your adaptability.
  6. Be clear about your personality.
  7. Pitch your ideas.

At the end of day, smart personal branding builds a better relationship with the people that matter to me.

Everyone is familiar companies like Coca Cola and Nike pushing their brands on us at every turn. They spend billions on creating these “personas” so we buy their product. Creating a similar personal brand is not much different.

Most of the tools I need to do my personal branding are already at hand. Example: the best low hanging fruit I find is to send an email to the people in my address book.

It’s easy enough for me to create a mailing list – i.e. a group of email addresses – from my Google contacts and send them something that throws a professional light on me. You can take a look at 3 Power Steps to Create a Personal Email Newsletter.

I’ll dig a little a deeper into the specifics of smart personal branding in later posts but I hope you find this useful to get started with.