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In certain instances Google may refuse to deliver your email through Gmail because it thinks you are creating Spam.

When this happens you will receive an email or a series of emails in your Gmail Inbox telling you that that your message has been Rejected:

Open the email and you see the following body text:

Clicking the link will give you an explanation from Google:

Why do your emails get rejected? Here are some of Google’s spam triggers that may result them in blocking you.

  1. You’re trying to send too many emails at once and you exceed your daily sending limit of 500 emails.
  2. You just imported a large batch of new emails into your address book.
  3. You haven’t sent an email to a large number of recipients in a while.

Suggestions to avoid having emails rejected:

  1. Do not send large number of emails one go. Send to smaller groups of recipients.
  2. Send emails to people you regularly send emails to.
  3. Send relevant meaningful content.

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Note: Having an email Rejected by Google is different from a having an email bounce. This is very difference from an email that “bounces”. A bounce occurs when your email reaches the recipients server and the server denies the delivery. This may happen for a number of reasons e.g. the email no longer exists; the recipients thinks your email contains spam content.