Easy Email Marketing for Digital Marketers

If you own a small business website, then you know you must do online marketing, otherwise having a website is pointless. You may have social media, email marketing, blogging, and/or even a Google Adwords account, but all of those marketing campaigns take your time to execute. That’s why I only focus on the online marketing campaigns that best fit my business needs.

time or money

For instance, if you own a restaurant and offer deals to your repeat customers, it may make sense to spend effort on Twitter or Facebook. But if you write a blog and sell products, it may be best to concentrate on email marketing to engage your customers with fresh content or new products weekly.

Most of these digital marketing services are free or very inexpensive, so website owners feel like they’re getting a higher of a marketing ROI than they really are. The time and opportunity costs of updating social media accounts is astronomical when you think about it. As a small business owner your biggest cost is your time and you need to spend it doing whatever it is you do best, not online marketing.

Every time I write a digital marketing plan for a start-up or business, the first aspect of any gien campaign that I consider is ROT, Return on Time. From my experience, the most time to execute a digital marketing campaign properly to least is: Blogging, Email Marketing, Adwords, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.

The thing I’ve found the most frustrating is email marketing. I started using Constant Contact to send a newsletters to the race director of my first website and got some good results. Then I started sending a weekly newsletter to all of my customers highlighting some of  my content from the week and got better results. I’ve found that in general, next to Facebook, email marketing is the best way to get your message in front of your customers.

The aspect of email marketing I found most beneficial is that I can tailor my message anyway I want and can easily test the results. After 5 years of testing email formats for different businesses I found that the simple message, with not many links, garnered the best results for everything; opens, clicks, and conversions. It’s not rocket science, it’s just email marketing.

This is Flashissue and it will save you a ton of time promoting your website and online small business. It’s easy email marketing for free.