Three great articles to read if you’re contemplating giving away your service for free.

Reframing the problems with “Freemium” by charging the marketing department by @ASmartBear

Seems like every third startup nowadays is using the “Freemium” business model: The lowest service tier is free, and the business is designed to get those users hooked and then upgrade to a paid plan.


Secrets Of Freemium Pricing: Make The Cheapskates Pay

The following is a guest post by Andy Singleton. Andy is the founder and CEO of Assembla, a company that provides online workspaces for software teams, including bug tracking, repositories, and collaboration. Remember, as with all guest posts, the opinions and views of our guest bloggers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of – but sometimes they do.


How to create a profitable Freemium startup (spreadsheet model included!)

Click to download Freemium spreadsheet Background on this discussion Last year, the stupendous Daniel James co-hosted a talk with me on Lifetime Value metrics for subscription and virtual goods-based items. You can see the video/outline for the talk, Daniel’s commentary, and a mindmap of the talk (scroll to the bottom of the post).


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