How do you create an HTML email in Gmail is a great question. Why doesn’t Gmail offer an easy way to create HTML emails?

gmail-advertisementsGmail is in the business of getting customers to use their services so they can sell advertisements. Have you ever noticed the advertisements in your personal emails? Gmail makes money every time you click on an ad in your email browser. Have you ever noticed how the ads seem to match the information in your email? That’s Google bots reading your email to serve ads that they think you’ll click. Google has a strategic algorithm that serves up advertisements in Gmail that will make Google the most money possible.

Now I don’t think Google is doing anything wrong, they actually provide a great email service for free. I love Gmail and use it for everything, but there are some limitations to what I can do in Gmail. Google isn’t in the business of making their email better, they’re in the business of getting a lot of people to use their service. The more people that use Google’s products, the more ads they can sell. In addition, Google uses Gmail to gain traction with many of it’s new product launches like Google+, Picasa, and Chrome. They need users to quickly grow market share. The bottom line is that Google is in the business of acquiring more users, not improving their products like Gmail.

Create and Send Engaging Newsletters From Gmail

So why doesn’t Gmail offer an easy way to create HTML emails in Gmail? Because HTML emails are harder for Google to make money. All of Google’s services, including Adwords, rely heavily on bots to index text information to serve the most clickable and profitable advertisements; pictures are difficult for bots to index. The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is true, figuring out all of those words from pixels is close to impossible for Google’s bots, thus Google prefers text to images.

Like I said, I love Gmail and use many other Google products, like Chrome, and I want to send an HTML email in Gmail. I write a lot of interesting articles (as you can see) and I want a way to send those articles quickly to my Gmail contacts list. Like many people, my contact list is a mix of business and personal contacts and I’d like to send my business email newsletters to all of them. With Flashissue I can create and send an HTML email newsletter in Gmail in less than 10 minutes.

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Here’s what it takes to make an email newsletter in 10 minutes.

gmail newsletter marketing

gmail newsletter marketing
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