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For Your Eyes Only | 4.17.2013

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In this issue, we’d like to share some ideas and tips on how to get more out of Gmail.

Gmail is more than a great tool for sending basic emails and used correctly you can put it to work to grow your business.

You might be like many other business people and smaller organizations who feel lost when it comes using email as a marketing tool.

One of the biggest comments we hear is that you’re being pushed into using a full blown email newsletter service – like Mailchimp or Constant Contact – when it’s not what you want because it’s overkill for what you need.

We get questions like, “how do you create a mailing list in Gmail?”. You don’t have a formal email “mailing list” to send a newsletter to. Most of the people you want to communicate with live inside your Google address book.

What’s more, the last thing you want to do is sign up for yet another online service you’ll have to manage and pay for.

It makes complete sense for you to do all your email marketing directly from Gmail because that’s where you’re comfortable and that’s where your contacts live (oh yes, and it’s free).

So this is where it gets a bit confusing. Gmail doesn’t have features to create nice looking newsletters and it doesn’t let you create basic mailing lists from your contacts (read on all is not lost). When it comes to accessing basic analytics for the performance of the email newsletters you send out, that’s missing as well.

As we said, all is not lost. You can already create an email newsletter with Gmail using Flashissue. We’re also working to add the other pieces, like list management and analytics, as fast as we can and pretty soon you’ll have all the newsletter features you need right inside Gmail.

If you’d like to be notified when these features are added to Flashissue Pre-Register Here.

In the meantime, here’s some great tips on how to get more out of Gmail. Believe it or not, you can already create email templates in Gmail and access bunch of other features to build your business.


How do I Create a Mailing List in Gmail

5 Steps on How to Create a Mailing List in Gmail 1. Click on the “Gmail” logo in the top left hand corner and pull down and click on “Contacts.” 2. In Contacts, scroll down in the left hand column and click on “New Group.” 3. Name your group and click Ok.


How To Create An Email Sign Up List For Gmail Contacts

I asked myself this question last week and couldn’t find a simple answer: How do i create an email sign up list for Gmail Contacts?


How to Set up Email Templates in Gmail

4 Easy Steps to Email Templates in Gmail Step 1: Go to the top right of your Gmail browser and click on the round settings button. Pull the menu and scroll to click on “Settings,” as shown below. Step 2: At the top of the page, click on the “Labs” tab.


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