I asked myself this question last week and couldn’t find a simple answer: How do i  create an email sign up list for Gmail Contacts?

You know, if you use Mailchimp or one of the other email service providers they provide you with a nice way to add a sign up form to your website so visitors can sign up for your newsletter.

When someone adds their email to the form, their email address is automatically added to your Mailchimp mailing list.

Well, not everyone wants to use a Mailchimp like service to send out newsletters. What about if I want to build a mailing list using Google Contacts and use Gmail to send out a newsletter. I.e. build my mailing list in my address book.

I couldn’t readily find a way to add a sign up form to my website and have it automatically add the subscriber to my Gmail Google Contacts address book.

After some searching around. This is what i came up with.  It takes a few minutes to set up but there’s not too much to it and once done, you’re set up to capture people’s email addresses and build a mailing list inside Gmail.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A Wufoo.com account – they let you create sign up forms for your website (it’s free).
  2. Your Gmail login info
  3. A zapier.com account – they let you connect your wufoo form and Gmail contacts (it’s free).

Now watch the video. This will take you 5 minutes:

(Note: video quality is better when viewed on YouTube http://bit.ly/SESHIR)


Drop me a note below if you have any questions, i couldn’t cover everything here.

If you want to create a cool looking newsletter and send it out to your Gmail contacts. You can use Flashissue.

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Thx – Phil Hill / CEO & Founder

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