DNA of Great Content MarketingWe love infographics (i.e. The Anatomy of Content Marketing), especially when they deal with curation or content marketing.  Since 87 percent of companies are planning to invest in content marketing, you might want to tune in.

Marketing programs need to find a balance between flexibility and consistency in order to be successful.  You don’t want to lock yourself in with a strategy that doesn’t work but you also want to be careful about changing things up before you’ve had a chance to see if it’s successful.

That being said, there is a loose structure emerging from content marketing experts that makes it easier to organize your efforts.  It revolves around 4 components that are essential to your campaign.

The DNA Code for Building Great Content from Aha Media Group: 

As content marketers, we are all looking for formulas that will make our content sing and stand out from the rest. Many of us are practiced at creating content, but can we be sure that it’s valuable and appreciated by our users?

Check it Out:  The DNA Code for Building Great Content | Content Marketing Institute.