If you want a pretty comprensive “getting started” guide to curation this works well. I would like some more detail on the SEO benefits of curation (nitty gritty stuff) but apart from that this is one of  the better curation guides i’ve read. I’ve still yet to read a good article that includes reference to WordPress’s curation tool called *Press This* – Phil

Since the beginning of time, human beings have collected the best humanity has produced in art, literature, science; we invented the museums, the libraries, the Encyclopedia and  have written essays and done research. We have always looked at those ones, the curators who were knowing the right sources of that knowledge, to which being able to access to will have solved our needs. Content Curation is the online expression of something, which is in the same nature of human beings: the need to collect and catalogue only the most interesting things about a subject so to share it for the common benefit.

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