Professional Communication with Staff, Students, & Supporters

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Multi User Friendly

Use Flashissue for your entire school, organization, or department.

Great for Pre K - Higher ED

Easy way to personalize communications and announcements to students.

Professional Communication

Send professional email to keep students, staff, and supporters updated.

Share Templates

School districts can buy a license and have all its schools under a single payment plan so staff and administators can share email templates

Easy Management

Easy way to manage announcements and communications with student, staff, and supporters.

I am really liking this extension. As a teacher I have a WISH list and this is perfect for my needs.

Sarah B.

BEAUTIFULLY PERFECT. Works so well (i have been sending e-newsletters for yrs, and this is my favorite new tool) Marcus W.

Got my clubs newsletter up and out in less than an hour…great app! Sujit V.


Does each team member from my school or organization need to pay to join?

A: No. We have a central point of billing – once a person joins a team they will not be required to enter any credits card details or pay for their own plan. They are now sharing the Admin’s plan.

How do I add team members from my school or organization?

A: You can invite anyone from your school or organization with a Google Apps account only need to send an invite generated by Flashissue to members from your school or organization. They would need to accept the invite from their email to join. Learn more here.

How many members can be on my plan?

A: You can have at max 1000 members on your team plan.

What do team members have access to on my account?

A: Members of your team will only be able to view templates you have saved as “team templates” and email credits. You can also give them access to view the Admin panel. The Admin and each team member have their own separate accounts.  Learn more here.

 What’s the difference between an Administrator and Team Member?

A: The administrator is the individual who set up the account and then invited others to her Flashissue account. Once an invitee receives and accepts the Team invite email they become a member of the plan and start sharing the Administrator’s email credits each month.

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